Rottet Collection 2023 Seating | 2023

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Category:Furniture - SeatingLocation:Houston, United StatesDesigner:Rottet Studio, Houston, United StatesManufacturer:Rottet Collection, New York, United States

Rottet Collection 2023 Seating

Creating visual movement by the manipulation of light and materials (Light and Space Artists) and form (Cubist Artists) is the underlying design theme that runs through Lauren Rottet’s pieces.

Produced by the finest craftspeople from around the world, employing precious materials, energy and time, these designs, like all Rottet Collection oeuvre, are intended to stand the test of time.

There are multiple Rottet Collection woods and finishes as well as upholstery options.

Montauk Float Chair
Inspired by the unobstructed views of the George Nelson House in Montauk, the Montauk Float Chair appears to hover in space on its bent acrylic base leaving the floor free of visual clutter. W 51cm x D 63.5cm x H 84cm x SH 48.25cm.

New Canaan Lounge Chair
Named after the Connecticut location of acclaimed architect’s Phillip Johnson’s Glass House, a structure where the interior spaces are almost entirely visible from the outside, the New Canaan Lounge Chair is composed of an acrylic base to reveal the clean, architectural lines of the stainless-steel frame, offering little distraction within its environment. W 57cm x D 81.25cm x H 73.75cm x SH 42cm.

Comice Chair
Named after the Comice Pear, which is considered to be the sweetest pear and often gifted during holidays, the Comice Chair’s pear-like frame is constructed of solid wood (a choice of oak, walnut or sustainable ebony) and accented with a metal band around the base of the seat cushion. It is offered with or without arms and in variety of fabrics from mohair to leather and even sheepskin to complement a palette or make a statement.

Petite Wood Float Chair
The Petite Wood Float Chair blurs the lines between art and furniture and encourages an internal dialogue with the viewer. Is this art or can I sit in it? Both. Handcrafted from solid walnut, the narrow and elegantly curved frame includes a transparent acrylic seat and back that gives the illusion as if the hollow structure is floating, while casting playful shadows within its setting.

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