Prominent Chest | 2024

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - StorageLocation:Irvine, United StatesDesigner:Xander Noori LLC., Irvine, United StatesManufacturer:Xander Noori LLC., Irvine, United States

New this year, the Prominent Chest emerges as a striking focal point, seamlessly blending functionality with a bold minimalist aesthetic. Its ample storage capacity is concealed within a silhouette inspired by delicate scallop detailing, evoking a sense of refined elegance and architectural charm.

Crafted from sandblasted oak and high sheen lacquer, the Prominent Chest exudes both natural warmth and contemporary sophistication. The juxtaposition of materials elevates its design, ensuring it stands out as a statement piece in any space.

With clean lines and an impactful presence, the Prominent Chest offers not only practical storage solutions but also an opportunity to infuse spaces with a touch of timeless style and understated beauty.

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