Pietra Cabinet Bar │ 2021

Pietra Cabinet Bar │ 2021

Best Storage of the Year 2023

Category:Furniture - Storage UnitsLocation:São Paulo, BrazilDesigner:Patricia Anastassiadis, Felipe Anastassiadis, and Ana de Deus, Anastassiadis Architecture & Design, São Paulo, BrazilManufacturer: Artefacto, São Paulo, Brazil

This bar box, made of solid certified wood, attracts attention due to the natural stone handle, which reinforces the contemporary concept of being in harmony with nature.

The Pietra cabinet bar is inspired by the sinuous shapes that surround us and invite us in.


Patricia Anastassiadis┃Anastassiadis Arquitectos

Architect, interior decorator, and product designer Patricia Anastassiadis founded her eponymous office in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1993, the same year she graduated in Architecture and Urban Landscape by Mackenzie Presbyterian University, in São Paulo.

Throughout her career, Patricia Anastassiadis received many invitations to work on projects both in Brazil and abroad, standing out in many fronts that relate to the universe of architecture and design.

Her work is striking for its contemporary aesthetics combined with effortless elegance and sophistication.

The constant research for showcasing the true essence of locations where the project is developed reveals her authentic, delicate, and poetic style.

More works from the designer: www.anastassiadis.com.br

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